Swimming Programs & Lessons

2023 Swim Season

May 5 – October 1

Swimming Lesson Level Descriptions

The Swimming Lesson Level Descriptions are provided as a courtesy to assist you in selecting the right Lesson Level for your child.

Wikiup Group Swim

Water safety is our first priority. Our immediate goal is that every child can consistently jump in and return to the wall unassisted. Once a child is ready, we continue development into a beginner stroke. In an atmosphere of patience and fun, our instructors build each child’s self-esteem through repeated success. Wikiup Swim School’s talented instructors make learning fun so students can progress quickly, develop good strokes and love aquatics.

Beginning swimmers are grouped into different levels according to swimming ability. Students are provided opportunities to advance levels by meeting specific water safety and skill requirements. Saturday and evening lessons available.


Morning Group Swim Lessons – 25 min

Evening Group Swim Lessons – 45 min

Saturday Group Swim Lessons – 45 min

Private/Semi Private Swim Lessons

Our instructors can work with every type of student, from those who are apprehensive about the water to those who want to improve their strokes. Personalized, one-on-one attention from a friendly, qualified instructor makes the learning process quick, easy and fun. Private lessons are scheduled at the convenience of family and instructor.

A Semi-Private Lesson consists of 2-3 students, close in age and skill level. NOTE: You are responsible for creating your own group of 2-3.

Call for more information at 707-544-2330 or sign up for Private or Semi-Private Lessons through our website.


Private Lessons
30 Minute Lessons
Purchase 5 get 1 Lesson Free

Semi-Private Lessons
30 Minute Lessons
Purchase 5 get 1 Lesson Free

Pools heated at a consistent 82-85 degrees